Union calls for new laws as workers in Essex, Southend and Thurrock suffer real terms wage cuts since 2007

By YA Reporter in Law

WORKERS in Essex have suffered a real terms wage cut of 7.1 per cent in the last 10 years, union GMB has claimed.

In Thurrock workers have suffered a real terms cut of 9 per cent and in Southend, 4 per cent.

GMB has called on Government to introduce new laws, ending employers’ ’impunity’ to treat workers badly.

The union said the figure came from an annual survey it had done on hours and earnings.

Regional secretary Warren Kenny said: “As well as lifting the pay cap in the public sector, action is also needed in the private sector to ensure decent pay rises.

“This will require legislation to deal with the current effective impunity employers enjoy. In denying workers’ rights to join unions, to end the silencing and oppression of the manual working class in the UK.

“So as well as Parliament acting on the pay cap in the public sector, it has a key role to play in liberating the UK working class to fight for their share of the national income now going to capital.

“Workers are looking not for charity but for effective enforcement of the human rights they have but which are denied by employers with impunity.

“This should be one of the lessons the employers should draw from the results when the electorate was asked to vote in recent nationwide polls.”

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